Chock Full of Hooks

“Michael Nappi writes one heck of a song – and performs it just as well. “7:26”...easily keeps company with the rest of our mix and is chock full of hooks and memorable melodies. We're excited that a local guy has given us a song that we wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear on one of the big NYC stations soon – in fact, we’re anticipating it.”
 –Chris Herrmann, Program Director, 107.1 The Peak/WXPK-FM New York

Highlight of Our Show

“Michael Nappi knows how to entertain an audience. His music was the highlight of our show.”
–Bill Henley, Host, The 10! Show NBC 10 Philadelphia

Head Over Heels

"Listening to the high-gloss, übercatchy, melodic rock & roll of Michael Nappi's debut release, Here We Go Again, it's no stretch whatsoever to imagine that fans of Matchbox 20, Five For Fighting and Train will fall head over heels for this New Yorker. "7:26" and "Miserable" are the tour de forces on an album stuffed with strong songs."
–Jim Nelson, A Taste Of Triple A


“Michael Nappi was a pleasure to have on our morning show. His talent is just as impressive as his personal demeanor. Reminiscent of the singer/songwriters of the 1970’s when the genre was at it’s peak, he clearly shows his introspective side through his thoughtful, love oriented lyrics.”
–Dina Stavola, Booking Producer, FOX Connecticut


"In a world and time of music that is driven by many depressed first and last name singer/songwriters, it was extremely refreshing to hear and have worked with Michael's music. His vocal abilities are stellar and he is certainly not afraid to write a pop radio hook that ya still find yourself singing at the end of the day."
–Jeff Juliano, Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer (John Mayer, Train, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews Band)